Rock Kidz – Be Confident & Be Strong 

Children showed that they were both confident and strong by performing at the Rock Kidz concert last night. 

This links with the growth mindset classroom rules – Be Strong (Perservere by learning the lyrics and practising these each day) and Be Confident (Have a Go). 

We were very proud of how successful the children were in their performance. 


INSET Day – Kaizen Network

Today, all teachers went to Preston to meet with the Kaizen Network and learn more about Growth Mindset and AfL. There were lots of valuable discussions and action planning, especially in how Heygreen is moving forward within this School Development Area. 

From this INSET the focus in school during Spring 2 will be to: 

1) Encourage pupils to lead teaching and learning sessions more. 

2) Further develop the use of floor books in Maths to promote discussion and challenge – Introduce this in English.

3) Further develop the use of the assessment cups – take the time to discuss the meaning of the colours more and why children feel they are working at that level. 

4) Increase the use of I-Pads to display the children’s work on screen more. 

Being able to explain the use of the cups well. 


Lesson Study Day 2 – Upper Phase

Day 2 of lesson study was teaching grid multiplication using decimals linking with real life problems. This focused on reasoning. Miss Eades had given the children some word problems linking with a price list from a chip shop and a sweet shop. The children then had to find the price and work out the answer using grid method. The children even wrote their own steps to success to help with working the problems out!